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There are a number of factors to consider during the Construction Process:

Site Preparation

The construction of a typical CWP Renewables wind farm is completed within 12 to 18 months. Once the site and foundations are prepared, erection of each turbine usually only takes 1-2 days. Prior to construction, a number of works would be undertaken, including excavation of trial pits for geotechnical and archaeological investigations, construction of site access points, and the careful stripping and storage of soils for re-use.  If necessary the construction process may be scheduled to avoid wildlife breeding seasons.

Construction Traffic

Noise from the construction phase is very slight and no special mitigation measures other than sound project management practice is required. The impacts of construction traffic would be mitigated through the adoption of specific routing and control measures.  Wherever possible we seek to use existing tracks on farms as access roads.

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Health & Safety

Turbines are fully tested in advance of them being transported to the site.  The construction site must also comply with all relevant safety regulations. CWP Renewables has an excellent record of Health & Safety during the construction phase of a wind farm development.  


A wind farm is expected to have an operational life of approximately 20-25 years, after which time there would be an option to either decommission the site, fully restoring the area to its previous land use, or to upgrade the equipment and extend the wind farm’s operational lifespan.

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