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There are a lot of myths and facts associated with Wind Energy.  Here is a sample of the most common questions we receive at CWP Renewables.

Can living close to a wind farm affect your health?

People often have concerns about the impact that wind farms may have on their health.  As a result, many studies have now been completed by Government agencies on a variety of issues and subjects.  Further information can be found on the Clean Energy Council and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) websites.

How strong does the wind need to blow?

Wind turbines start operating at wind speeds of 4 to 5 metres per second (approx 8-10 knots) and reach maximum power output at 15 metres/second (approx 30 knots).  In gale force winds the turbines shut down to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Do the wind turbines impact on birds and wildlife?

The greatest impact to wildlife is climate change, and wind energy is an important and necessary contribution to reducing carbon emissions.  We consult with the relevant State and Federal environment departments and other environmental groups at a local level to ensure that wind farms have the least possible impact on wildlife. 

Do wind turbines frighten livestock?

Wind farms are popular with farmers because their land can continue to be used for growing crops or grazing livestock. Sheep, cows and horses are not disturbed by wind turbines, and in fact they usually enjoy the shelter that turbine towers can provide from the wind and the sun.

Are wind turbines noisy?

Modern wind turbines are very efficient and quiet. Even if you were to stand amongst the turbines, a normal conversation could be held at ground level.   It is possible as part of the development process to arrange visits to a wind farm for interested people in the local community.  This process often helps to change perceptions and increase general knowledge.

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