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The Australian Clean Energy Council provides a wealth of information about wind farms in Australia; including a list of wind farms that are in either full operation, under construction, or waiting on planning approval. 

The Yes2wind Website has been developed by the World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, and offers information about Wind energy, local wind farm proposals, debunking myths and FAQs.

The Guided Tour (produced by Danish Wind Industry Association, Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind farms in Europe) is written for people who want to know a lot about wind energy, short of becoming wind engineers. The 12 chapters answer most of your questions; starting from the basics about wind, the guided tour takes you to the challenging frontiers of wind energy technology as it relates to commercial, large, grid-connected wind turbines. 

The Clean Energy For Eternity website is your "one-stop-shop" for all things energy related.  The site provides a library of information and contacts in what can only be described as a relaxed and informal manner.   

 Types of energy is a public interest website focused on energy types and energy consumption.

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