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The table below provides and overview of the major milestones for the Project. Please note that the expected dates below are subject to change.

Overview of Major Milestones

Activity Actual Date Expected Date Detail
Wind Monitoring Masts Installed 25th September 2008 Milestone
PEA lodged with NSW Dept of Planning 11th March 2011 Milestone
Wind Farm announced 1st April 2011 Milestone
Assessment Requirements Recieved 14th April 2011 Milestone
Additional Consultation Requirements Recieved 16th August 2011 Milestone
Wind Farm "Consultation" 28th September 2011 Community
Project Newsletter #1 9th December 2011 Community
Project Newsletter #2 20th February 2012 Community
Update - Area of Investigation 29th February 2012 Milestone
Public Open Day #1 29th February 2012 Community
Community Consultation Committee 25th February 2013 Community
Project Newsletter #3 and Media Release 1st May 2013 Community
Update - Area of Investigation 1st May 2013 Milestone
WPCWP @ 2013 Mudgee Small Farms Field Days 12th July 2013 Community
Wind Farm Tours 31st August 2013 Community
WPCWP @ Mudgee Green Day 2013 12th September 2013 Community
Landowner Opportunity - Environmental Offsets   Dec 2013 Community
Transition to State Significant Development 19th March 2014 Milestone
Revised PEA 22nd November 2016 Milestone
Secretary's Environmental Assessment Requirements 21st December 2016 Milestone
Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Traffic and Transport Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Aviation Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Communications Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Electrical Connection Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Cultural Heritage Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Fire and Bushfire Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Water Assessment   Early 2018 Study
General Environmental Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Statement of Commitments   Early 2018 Study
Acoustic Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Ecology Assessments   Early 2018 Study
Socio-Economic Assessment   Early 2018 Study
Environmental Assessment   Early 2018 Milestone
Public Exhibition of the Environmental Assessment   Mid 2018 Milestone
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