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A range of factors are considered during the ‘site selection’ phase, which affects the suitability of an area for a wind farm, and which can potentially constrain development. These include:

  • Suitable wind resource;
  • Ease of connecting to and capacity of the local electricity transmission network;
  • Site access and general ground conditions, including slope and geology;
  • Proximity to residential properties and the nature of surrounding land uses;
  • Availability of turbine sites based on a range of constraints;
  • Presence (or absence) of nationally and locally significant areas with regard to environment, landscape, nature conservation, archaeology and cultural heritage; and
  • Interest within the community.

Wind Resource: Numerous investigations into the wind resource potential at several locations across NSW have revealed some general principles which can be applied to assess the merit of an individual site’s wind resource. Wind speeds are likely to be adequate in areas that are:

  • Exposed to open water or large areas of open grassland without intervening obstructions. These areas receive very smooth airflow with a high-energy content; and
  • On significantly elevated locations, surrounded by a smooth and gently rounded landscape, thus promoting wind speed-up. The ranges that make up the Project area offer excellent speed-up due to topographical detail.

The Proponent has installed wind monitoring equipment to record onsite wind data which, when modelled with long term Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data from local area, shows wind speeds that are high and consistent making a wind farm project viable in the selected location.

Land Use: As the project is located in a predominantly agricultural area, there is a low population density within and around the project. Wind turbines are placed further from non-associated landowners than associated landowners, in order to minimise impacts.

Electricity Transmission Network: Ease of connection to and capacity within the grid can be difficult to assess, given the commercially confidential nature of certain information concerning the electricity distribution and transmission networks, coupled with the complexity and variety of connection options that may be available. However, on a broad scale, areas remote from high voltage overhead transmission lines or from existing population centres are unlikely to offer many feasible opportunities for grid connection. Together with grid connection factors, actual grid capacity and the ability for the electricity grid to absorb wind generated electricity seem to be the principal limiting factors for wind farm development in NSW.

The high voltage transmission network that the project will connect into is one or more of the TransGrid 330 kV or 132 kVor the Essential Energy 66 kV overhead transmission line running east-west approximately 8 km north of the project. A single or double circuit external transmission line up to 330 kV will be constructed for energy export to the grid.

Site Access and Condition: There is good main road access to the project site.

Community Interest: Landowners’ interests are also important in determining the location of wind turbines, as a wind farm cannot be placed on land where the landowners are resistant to the development. Neighbouring landowners are not always receptive to the placement of wind turbines and appropriate consultation was carried out during the assessment of this project. Turbines have been moved and / or removed to accommodate the varying opinions of wind turbines, to reduce the visibility and noise impacts from some properties / communities altering the layout of the project.

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