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Genuine Community Engagement

Public consultation for the project commenced in April 2011 during the early stages of planning and feasibility assessment. Consultation with the local community has been underway ever since to inform the public, neighbouring residents, statutory regulators and other stakeholders, and to seek feedback on issues which should be considered during project design.

A Community Consultative Committee (CCC) was established in 2013 to provide a forum for consultation and information sharing between the project and the local community prior to the submission of the Environmental Assessment. Consultation with the local community has been ongoing throughout this time, including direct one-on-one contact with community members and neighbours to the project area. Since receiving updated Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements in 2016, the project has undertaken a significant design review.

In a direct response to community feedback, the project was significantly revised in July 2018 to remove all proposed turbines and other infrastructure from the Yarrabin and Piambong areas.

Community Consultative Committee

The purpose of a community consultative committee (CCC) is to provide a forum for open discussion between representatives of the company, the community, the council and other stakeholders on issues directly relating to the project’s development, construction, operations, environmental performance and community relations, and to keep the community informed on these matters.

The CCC has been re-established in 2018. If you would like to get in touch with your local CCC member, please contact the Independent Chairperson:

Mr Garry West

Community Survey of Landscape Values

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is currently in preparation and is expected to be released for public exhibition in early 2020. As part of the Community Consultation process, we are seeking feedback from the local community to understand the landscape features and scenic values of the region. The survey was prepared as a simple questionnaire to seek your input. The information will be used to inform the wind farm design and the landscape and visual impact assessment within the EIS.

The survey was prepared to address requirements of the NSW Wind Energy Guideline (2016) and the Wind Energy: Visual Assessment Bulletin prepared by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. The survey was available during October and November 2018 and we are currently analysing the responses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate, we value your input.

The survey is now closed, however, you can still view the survey questions via the link below:

Community Benefits Fund

A Community Benefits Fund is a means to distribute financial contributions from a wind farm to the community which is affected by a development. The fund is typically established using a Voluntary Planning Agreement with the local council and can involve an elected committee which receives applications and disseminates funds according to set criteria. All finances are contributed by the wind farm, the administration is undertaken by council and/or the committee and grants are awarded to recipients based on their worthiness.

CWP Renewables wishes to work with the local community to design the structure of this fund so that the local community impacted by the development benefits most. We consider this a vital instrument to ensuring that those not directly hosting infrastructure will also benefit from the development.

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