Media release: Final Stages of Environmental Assessment

Wind Prospect CWP is in the final stages of preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed Uungula Wind Farm. The wind farm consists of up to 249 potential wind turbine sites and associated infrastructure on 30 properties. The extent of the project has been reduced since the Public Open Day last year. The improvements to design have been made as a result of dialogue with local stakeholders and through impact assessments undertaken by independent experts. The EA will detail impacts associated with the wind farm as well as highlight the significant benefits that could be generated for the region.

Development Manager for the project Daniel MacDonald commented “The project team has worked hard since March 2011 to design a wind farm that has reduced its associated impacts in the area. It’s exciting to be developing a clean energy project that could potentially provide 480 full time equivalent jobs during construction and 48 full time operations positions. The effect of construction and operation of the wind farm would be millions of additional dollars flowing into the local community, providing business stimulus, additional farm income and funds for local community projects.”

An updated map of the project is included in the third newsletter and is available for download on the project website The latest wind farm design involves wind turbine locations consolidated around a fewer number of ridges. Consideration has been given to minimise the number of access points from main roads to avoid unnecessary impacts to local Council roads where practical. It is anticipated that the EA will be on Public Exhibition via the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure from Q3 2013.

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