Community Newsletter July 2018

Over the past eighteen months, CWP Renewables has been reviewing plans for the development of Uungula Wind Farm in consultation with the community.

The wind farm was first publicly announced in 2011 and an Environmental Assessment was prepared in 2013. At that stage the project consisted of 249 turbines within the Wellington Council and Mid-Western Regional Council areas. Following many years of consultation and after a detailed review of the grid network, the project was revised in July 2018.

In a direct response to community feedback, turbines and ancillary infrastructure once proposed for the Piambong and Yarrabin areas no longer form part of the current project design. The project application will focus on the western half of the original proposal. The map below shows the revised extent of the project (in blue) and the infrastructure removed from the proposed project (in grey).

The proposed wind farm has been carefully positioned and is proposed at a scale which balances the environmental, social and economic aspects of the region and Australia’s energy generation needs. The revised project falls entirely within the Dubbo Regional Council area and would make a significant contribution to the Wellington region, adding to the growing number of renewable energy projects fueling the local economy.

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