Community Newsletter May 2018

This newsletter provides the local community with an update on plans for the development of Uungula Wind Farm.

Uungula Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy project located on agricultural land near Twelve Mile and Piambong, approximately 14 km east of Wellington and 20 km north-west of Mudgee, NSW. The wind farm has the potential to generate up to 500MW of renewable energy which would feed into the existing transmission network.

Update on the Development

CWP Renewables is currently undertaking a review of the Project layout. This review has included an evaluation of the latest wind turbine generator models available in the market in order to develop an appropriate layout design, while being considerate of known community concerns and to minimise impacts to the environment.

The NSW Wind Energy Framework has also been used to guide the review process, to ensure impacts, such as visual and noise, are considered and minimised.

Based on our evaluations to date, we are expecting to put forward a revised layout with fewer wind turbine generator locations than the 249 originally proposed. The review process should conclude before the end of June at which time we intend to share the outcomes with the local community for further feedback and consultation.

NSW Wind Energy Guidelines

This framework provides clarity, consistency and transparency for industry and the community regarding both assessment and decision-making on State significant development (SSD) projects.

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