Community Newsletter Sept 2018

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is currently being prepared by CWP Renewables in accordance with the NSW Wind Energy Framework (DPE 2016) Visual Assessment Bulletin and Noise Assessment Bulletin. The Framework provides clarity, consistency and transparency for the community regarding both assessment and decision-making on State Significant Development projects.

The EIS will include a full description of the development, including details of construction, operation, upgrading and decommissioning as well as detailed analysis of impacts on neighbouring residences. Technical studies are currently underway and the EIS is expected to be released for public exhibition in early 2019. Public submissions on the EIS are welcomed and the community will be notified once it is released.

The project team will be working within the community to answer questions, understand concerns and provide mitigations where appropriate to limit the impacts of the project on local residents. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.


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