Community Newsletter Dec 2017

Uungula Wind Farm is a proposed renewable energy project located on agricultural land near Twelve Mile and Piambong, approximately 14 km east of Wellington and 20 km north-west of Mudgee, NSW. The wind farm has the potential to generate up to 500MW of renewable energy which would feed into the existing transmission network.

This newsletter provides the local community with an update on plans for the development of the wind farm.

History of the Project

Uungula Wind Farm was publicly announced in March 2011. Following detailed feasibility studies, a draft Environmental Assessment was submitted to the NSW Government in 2013 for adequacy review. Since then, the Project has remained under consideration, but due to changes in legislation, the Project did not progress further with planning approvals at the time.

In 2016 a revised Preliminary Environmental Assessment for the Project was prepared to restart the planning process. The Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) were received from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) and the Commonwealth Government in December 2016.

These documents are available on the NSW Government’s Major Projects website

Project Design and Approvals

The Project design is currently being reviewed with the aim of minimising potential impacts on the local community and environment.  In 2013 the proposed wind farm involved up to 249 turbines,


this number is expected to reduce.

A design review is being undertaken considering a range of issues:

  • Local community concerns raised through consultation
  • Changes in land ownership and land tenure
  • Potential impacts such as visual, noise, biodiversity, heritage and aviation
  • State and Commonwealth requirements:
    • NSW and Commonwealth Assessment Requirements
    • NSW Wind Energy Assessment Framework
The design review will also consider the latest turbine technology including high efficiency turbines to maximize electricity generation and lower the levelized cost of energy.

The revised Project design is expected to be available in early 2018. The design will be released for community consultation to seek feedback, address concerns and further minimize potential impacts. It is anticipated that a revised Environmental Impact Assessment will be prepared and released for Public Exhibition later in 2018.

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